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These dual function lenses adjust their colour intensity according to the amount of UV light exposure.
Comes in handy for travel. Available in Grey and Brown.

  • When exposed to the same amount of UV light, the lenses will darken in lesser intensity in the hot, summer climate than in cold conditions.
  • The lenses will not darken in places covered by UV blocking glass such as car interior.
  • It will take time for darkened lenses to return to clear lenses. Please exercise caution when entering tunnels or other dark places.
  • Brown photochromic lens from TransitionsĀ® only.


Terms and Conditions

Purchasing Contact Lenses Online with INSIGHT

* Contact lenses are considered medical devices in Singapore, and customers are subject to an eye examination.

* You may place your order if you have your eye examination within one year with INSIGHT.

* If you do not have an updated prescription or are a first-timer contact lens wearer, please click on the appointment tab to make appointment.