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SofLens Daily Disposable 30 Pack

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Brand Name: Bausch & Lomb

Product Type: SofLens Daily Disposable 30 Pack

Type:  Daily Disposable

Base Curve: 8.6 mm

Diameter: 14.20 mm

Usage Duration: Daily

Gender: Unisex

SofLens Daily Disposable 30 Pack

Softlens Daily Disposable 30pk can be your best ally when trying to beat myopia or hyperopia. With them, you will get crisp clear vision without the appearance of halos, blur or glare in your image thanks to their amazing High Definition Optics.
ComfortMoist Technology makes this a lens like no other with incomparable comfort and a wet sensation that last longer than any other brand.
Combine these benefits with the advantages only disposable lenses can offers; no cleaning or storing every day. Just pick a fresh pair in the morning and then, throw them away in the night.
Usage: Daily disposable soft contact lenses Lens Type: Daily | Spherical (for Near/Farsighted)
 Material: Hilafilcon B 41%
Water Content: 59%
Oxygen Permeability: 24 Dk/t

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