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Lens Guide

Each of our frames comes standard with premium optical lenses. Keep them clear or swap in a color tint. Add a prescription or keep them prescription free. Our glasses are meant to be customized by you, for you.


High-index lenses, aspheric lenses, anti-glare and UV-cut coatings all come with no additional charge.


Aspheric ultra-thin
Refractive index 1.74

Recommended for prescription above -7.00. Designed to curve gradually from center towards the edge, the lenses reduce distortion and provide a more natural-looking field of view. They are also slimmer than standard lenses of the same prescription power.



These dual function lenses adjust their colour intensity according to the amount of UV light exposure.
Comes in handy for travel. Available in Grey and Brown.

  • When exposed to the same amount of UV light, the lenses will darken in lesser intensity in the hot, summer climate than in cold conditions.
  • The lenses will not darken in places covered by UV blocking glass such as car interior.
  • It will take time for darkened lenses to return to clear lenses. Please exercise caution when entering tunnels or other dark places.
  • Brown photochromic lens from TransitionsĀ® only.



FOGLESS coating technology uses the ion vacuum coating principle and magnetic control of electrochemical processes to add a transparent, highly hydrophilic layer to the lens anti-reflective coating. Stay Fogless with out anti fog lenses.



Specially developed for non-presbyioua, it significantly reduces eye fatigue caused by frequnt viewing of close objects. The design provides 3 ADD : 0.5D, 0.,75D & 1.0D.



Premium screen lenses that block blue light and help reduce eyestrain.



Customize your glasses with solid color lens tints.

Uncoated +$50

Multicoated +$100


Experience a comfortable vision with HOYA Full Control lenses! |
Benefits that Matter:
Hi-Vision LongLife
Enjoy lenses that last, providing durability and longevity you can rely on.
Shield your eyes from digital strain with advanced blue light protection.
UV Control
Safeguard your eyes from harmful UV rays with 100% UV protection on front and back of the lenses.
Hi-Vision Anti-Bacterial
Stay fresh and worry-free with lenses that slows bacterial growth for peace of mind.
Visit us today and choose Full Control. Your vision deserves the best!

Terms and Conditions

Purchasing Contact Lenses Online with INSIGHT

* Contact lenses are considered medical devices in Singapore, and customers are subject to an eye examination.

* You may place your order if you have your eye examination within one year with INSIGHT.

* If you do not have an updated prescription or are a first-timer contact lens wearer, please click on the appointment tab to make appointment.